About Ikos Construction

Quality home builders since 1978

Ikos Construction strives to offer the finest quality design, service and workmanship to clients needing small to medium scale building construction services, whether it be in your home, office, complex or business. We aim to maintain the highest standards of service in the building construction and remodelling industry, offering competitive cost estimates without compromising quality. We are physically involved in all our building projects, and aim to build long standing relationships with all our clients.

Our Heritage

Since 1978, under the helm of Kosta Papadopoulos, Ikos Construction built over 80 new homes in the Johannesburg area. Based on traditions and values, Ikos Constructions ensures that all building projects are completed with quality in mind and that all clients are 100% satisfied. George, Kosta's son, joined Ikos Construction in 2003 and together run a successful building construction company.

Our Future

Since joining Kosta, the family business taken a large number of projects. Ikos Construction now specialises in all building construction services, with empahsis on home and office extensions and remodeling projects. George now leads Ikos Construction with a great passion for the construction industry. George plans to continue delivering the companys' quality workmanship and will always focus on improving the excellence of work, service and professionalism we offer to our clients.

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